Wiard's Orchard presents NIGHT TERRORS in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan - An entire night of SCARE-TAINMENT!!
Night Terrors


Beware! This is not your average haunted house! The acres of Wiard's Orchards south of Ypsilanti Township, Michigan (near Ann Arbor, in Washtenaw County) are truly haunted. The history of these lands has lived in haunted houses of Michigan lore for centuries. Courageous souls who have dared to set foot on the haunted grounds of this old orchard say they can still hear the howling sounds of the night. So said the few brave souls who have survived, and the fear will always live in them. There comes a time in each of our lives when we must face our fears and face the terror of these haunted lands. What's your Fear? Is it the dark? Is it death? Is it the old haunted house next door? Or is it just the unknown? Prepare yourself to confront those fears at one or all 6 of the Wiard chilling haunted attractions: the Ultimate Haunted Barn, the Asylum, The Mineshaft, Hayrides of the Lost, SplatterTown - Live Action Haunted Paintball and Alien Caged Clowns. Because at Night Terrors, Michigan's Premier Haunted Thrill Park, we are NOT just another haunted house in Michigan!

News & Updates

11/18/2016 :: 01:08 PM

Another season ends...

It is almost a month after the last screams filled our ears here at Night Terrors and we still can't believe it is already over.  The greatest surprise came at the end of the season when we found out that we'd been named the #6 Haunted Hayride and #31 Haunted Attraction in the nation by Hauntworld Magazine.  For all of the blood (fake and actual) and sweat (actual) that goes into Night Terrors it just reinforces our drive to be bigger and better every year.  We've already started construction for the 2017 season and we can't wait to unveil the new tricks and scares...no rest for the wicked.

07/22/2016 :: 10:05 AM

Spider Eggs & Bacon

Sometimes you have a 6 ft tall scarecrow head with hands show up and you realize that you need to build a scarecrow army to obey it...and then you make a nasty batch of spider eggs for good measure.

07/12/2016 :: 10:20 AM

Out Of The Shadows

We've been working so hard on all of these new scares that we'd neglected to keep the rest of you updated.  In our efforts to constantly raise the scare-bar we have been tirelessly enhancing not just the scares themselves but also the environment.  Not only do we want to put terror in your face but we want it to be all around you.  This year we've made huge leaps and next year we'll make even more.  That is what we owe to our customers.  The best possible haunted experience.  You're the reason we're still Michigan's #1 Haunted Thrill Park.