Night Terrors


Beware! This is not your average haunted house! The acres of Wiard's Orchards south of Ypsilanti Township, Michigan (near Ann Arbor, in Washtenaw County) are truly haunted. The history of these lands has lived in haunted houses of Michigan lore for centuries. Courageous souls who have dared to set foot on the haunted grounds of this old orchard say they can still hear the howling sounds of the night. So said the few brave souls who have survived, and the fear will always live in them. There comes a time in each of our lives when we must face our fears and face the terror of these haunted lands. What's your Fear? Is it the dark? Is it death? Is it the old haunted house next door? Or is it just the unknown? Prepare yourself to confront those fears at one or all 6 of the Wiard chilling haunted attractions: the Ultimate Haunted Barn, the Asylum, The Mineshaft, Hayrides of the Lost, SplatterTown - Live Action Haunted Paintball and Alien Caged Clowns. Because at Night Terrors, Michigan's Premier Haunted Thrill Park, we are NOT just another haunted house in Michigan!

News & Updates

05/03/2016 :: 09:45 AM

Back To Work!


The winter scheming sessions are now springing into action as/when mother nature decides to play nicely.  Lots of new scares and upgrades are already underway.  October is racing right at us and it is only May...

Thank you (as always) for making us Michigan's #1 Haunted Thrill Park!  We're always grateful to be able to scare another season and you guys make that possible.  It takes lot to put the whole show together and run it but the screams and smiles make it all worth it. 

I'll start posting pics on here so that you can see some of the magic in progress.

11/14/2015 :: 08:54 AM

Another season comes to an end...

Greetings ghouls and ghoulettes,

I had every intention of posting more mid-season but we were "all systems go" and I barely slept as it was.  We were happy to see so many familiar faces back again but we were equally pleased to meet new patrons that had trekked from distances as far as Pennsylvania.  It always makes the hard work worth it when we hear back the positives reviews and rest assured there are more new things to come for the 2016 season.  Until the next time...sleep with one eye open.

-B. Wiard

08/21/2015 :: 11:21 AM

Home Stretch...

Greetings from Camp Chaos,

The season is nearly upon us and it has been an intense spring/summer preparing to bring you new chills and thrills for fall
2015.  Our "Hayride Of The Lost" (which was named the #8 Haunted Hayride in the USA by Hauntworld Magazine) has had major renovations and the "wow" factor is turned up to 11.  I would tell you more but I have to go build some coyotes and wire up a giant snake.

All part of a normal day here at Night Terrors.  Until next time...  -B. Wiard

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