Hayride of the Lost

Haunted hayrides Michigan

On a summer day over a century ago, Mr. Ravensblud came looking for work, claiming he could eliminate the orchard’s problematic crows. “All that I ask in return is somewhere to build a workshop,” he told Mr. Wiard. “My scarecrows will cure your problems, youʼll see.”

Mr. Ravensblud began placing his scarecrows around the property. They did the trick, reducing the crow population to almost nothing. But, one afternoon while walking the property, the groundskeeper noticed one of the scarecrows bore a strong resemblance to a local woman who had recently gone missing. He figured it was just a coincidence, but that night decided to peek through the workshop window.

Inside he saw a young man in shackles. Ravensblud was wearing a black cloak and a blood-soaked scarecrow mask and muttering in an unknown language, waving a staff at his hostage. The young manʼs skin rippled and took on the appearance of burlap while his face went lifeless. Just at that moment, a branch below the groundskeeper’s foot snapped. Ravensblud quickly vanished from sight and re-appeared next to him.

“It would seem that your curiosity got the best of you,” he hissed. “If only you had just been satisfied that Iʼd kept my end of the bargain…”

In the morning the groundskeeper was nowhere to be found, but a fresh new scarecrow was perched high in the field towering above the rest. The workshop remained shuttered and dark until just recently, when orchard workers report seeing strange lights and hearing incantations muttered on the wind.

Has Ravensblud returned to grow his collection of souls? Are you foolish enough to find out?

*Due to COVID-19 there will not be cider and donuts after the ride or bonfires this year.